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Friday night I went to the VIP opening night of Darius Frank Things I Love/d. In front of a crowd of art aficionados at Dock 5 Union Market, Darius presented his first-ever solo gallery exhibit. Things I Love/d explores how the authenticity of local communities in today’s world have been diluted with mainstream affluence. (Whispers loudly… gentrification)

Darius won the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series nationwide search after beating 15 artists from across North America with his winning acrylic painting during Miami Art Basel (December 2016). Darius’s winning prize allowed him to debut here in his hometown.

Darius Frank

Through a multi-media art installation, that felt like a promising Netflix docuseries, Darius’ exhibition looks at the history, culture, and communities of Washington DC over the past 35 years. He uses individual storytelling and testimonials as a vehicle to give personal texture to things lost and loved by former and current residents of the community, which opens up an entire conversation on how gentrification in our country as a whole and how vastlychanged urbanized cities.

Before it ends, hurry over to Dock 5 at Union Market to view Things I Loved/d. Its free and open to the public from 12-6pm.

artist Alison Carney

Jennifer of CommeCoco

The hand crafted Bombay Sapphire cocktails won me over. Turns out I don’t hate gin after all. The drinks were too good not to share the cocktail recipes. If you like gin & juice, click here’s how to make the DC inspired gin cocktails at home.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

photo credit: John Walder

Overheard: DC is a great place to find out about a dope event after it happens. I snickered to myself because I totally agree! Don’t get left behind, check out the upcoming events calendar to see what’s going on in DC.


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