Beauty Hack For DC Girls On A Budget

The cost of being an impeccably groomed woman is high. Add that to the expensive cost of living in Washington, DC which automatically jacks up the price for everything! Especially including beauty services. This is great news for spa and salon owners with higher price points, but it leaves us DC girls women me paying significantly higher prices (compared to elsewhere, excluding New York and LA)  just to maintain a “basic”  beauty grooming regimen.

Here’s How Much I Spend On Beauty Maintenance:

Hair Shampoo and Blow Out in DC $65 (at least twice a month)

Professional Salon Gel Manicure in DC $40

Express Salon Pedicure in DC $25

Eye Brow Threading in DC $25

Brazilian Wax $60

Underarm Wax $25

My Monthly Grooming Expenses in DC = $305

My list is incredibly basic. By basic I mean the basic necessities for women who choose professional salon/spa grooming services over D-I-Y (do it yourself) at home beauty care. This list is surely not all-inclusive and doesn’t include specialty skin care treatments or quarterly services like facials and highlights, nor the almost expected 20% gratuity you pay every time you visit the salon or spa. When I looked at my beauty spending over the last few months all I could do was shake my head. Now I’m constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality or my time. Before I continue let me throw in this disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post or advertisement. Just me sharing a very resourceful DC beauty hack for my ladies that wax on a beauty budget.

Here’s How To Get Waxed in DC for 75% off

Sign up to be a Shobha hairy model

What You Can Expect

The Shobha hairy model services are discounted at 75% off or 50% off depending on which session you opt for. Training sessions (75% off the regular price) treatments are performed by new specialists who are going through their initial 100+ hours of training. These are supervised by members of the Shobha quality assurance team. Quality assurance sessions (50% off the regular price) treatments are performed by seasoned specialists as part of their continuing education program to ensure that Shobha standards are upheld.

How To Sign Up

Hairy model sessions have limited availability and require an appointment. Be sure to check on social media: FacebookInstagram and Twitter  for upcoming opportunities. All sessions will be hosted at Shobha Dupont Circle located at 1730 M Street NW. Sign up here to get up to 75% off your waxing or sugaring services at Shobha DC

Things To Consider

Please remember these sessions are also educational sessions, so they often take longer (in some cases, much longer) than the standard appointment times. All training for waxing/sugaring treatments will be performed in a private room but there may be additional people in the room. For someone like me that’s always on a time crunch this “beauty hack” isn’t ideal but if you’re willing to sacrifice time to save some coins I highly recommend it. Shobha is one of the best hair removal salons in DC and New York. I’ve been rotating between the Shobha Dupont location since they opened back in 2013, and the new Rockville location that opened last year. For vain reasons, here’s a throwback from the Shobha DC grand opening event. I have to admit my brows were on fleek as the kids would say and get into that jet Black hair?! I don’t think I’ll ever go back this dark.

Do you have a favorite beauty hack for saving money that I need to know about? Please tell me all about it in the comments! I need all the tips I can get.


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  1. 04/03/2019 / 4:55 PM

    You can go to one of the schools (like Bennett Institute) for facials at a discount price

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