7th Street: A Sunday “Lewk”

On any given day I will say or text “lewk” at least 3 times before noon and I’m not over exaggerating. It usually starts while scrolling social media when I spot something I adore.  I’m like, ooh, now that’s a lewk! If you’re not familiar with the term here’s a quick lesson. A lewk could be a something you wear every day, but is not the same thing as a uniform. All of the fashion greats have a lewk. Whether it’s a signature piece, silhouette, or swag (for lack of a better word) it’s that one thing that sets you apart from everyone else. Carine Roitfeld broke down her lewk in the documentary Mademoiselle C.  as “always fitted, more skirts than pants, thin waists, and high heels. Simply put a lewk is your personal style. I recognized at an early age that my personal style and personal taste are two totally different things. I struggle with my lewks because my taste doesn’t always match my pay grade. To combat this I’ve become the high-low combo queen. Mixing designer with affordable pieces is my thing. Here’s a typical Sunday lewk worn to brunch at Capital Grill– patterned jumpsuit (under $30 from this store) with designer shoes and accessories.

me on Instagram versus me in real life (LOL)

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