2 Reasons To Eat At Over Easy: Waffle Dogs & 1 Cent Mimosas

I absolutely love brunch! My good friends know this so they took me to Over Easy. Known as one of the best places to eat breakfast in Phoenix, Over Easy is a foodies breakfast dream. They serve from scratch cooking and put a special twist on breakfast classics. This local Arizona chain has been featured on “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and Food Network’s Diners Drive Ins & Dives.
Over Easy Phoenix Arizona

 I loved the retro inspired décor and Midwestern hospitality. If you’re ever in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area Over Easy is one place that you have to dine. Please trust me when I say your mouth will thank you. First things first: order the waffle dog!


Waffle dogs are the perfect brunch item that I didn’t even know existed and now I wish every restaurant in America served them. A waffle dog is a cool twist on a traditional corn dog. Sausage links are dipped into Over Easy’s signature vanilla waffle batter and cooked to golden brown perfection. After devouring the waffle dogs I ordered the the Mediterranean omelette with spinach, tomato and feta with sautéed garlic. As if that wasn’t enough food, we couldn’t leave without throwing back a few mimosas. But not too many because they were actually strong. The $8 dollar mimosas were crafted with less juice and more champagne. If you fall into the lightweight category like me you will feel a slight buzz during round 2. Depending on who you are that makes it really easy or really hard to turn down penny refills. Yes mimosa refills for 1 cent!


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Go eat at Over Easy. Click here to find the 4 locations in Arizona.



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