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Let’s face it – while financial advice is important, it can often be repetitive and dull. Plus no one really likes to hear someone else tell them how to spend their money. Now we live in a day and age where new technologies afford us the unique ability to improve upon our lives in new, offbeat ways. Last week Capital One’s Digital Banking Celebration hosted by celebrity tech expert Mario Armstrong at The Loft on F Street did just that. Party guests enjoyed complimentary food and drinks all while learning about the company’s forward-thinking bank offerings. The event taught party guests how to use digital banking tools to save time and money.

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The nation’s capital leads the country in more than just politics. At the event we learned that Washington, DC leads the country in online spending. We are 67% more likely than Americans to spend online. Washingtonians spent $2,500+ shopping online within the past year. Nielsen Local’s Insights.

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Guests at the Capital One party featuring Mario Armstrong in Washington DC on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016. (Larry French/AP Images for Capital One)


With the holidays right around the corner this is prime time spending season. Shopping online definitely saves you time and even money depending on when and where you shop.  If you’re on the flip side of shopping and actively focused on improving your relationship with money I have good news for you. It’s never too late to change your spending habits and start saving more money. This is the perfect time of year to start thinking about your financial goals for the upcoming new year. I find myself somewhere in the middle. As much as I love to shop I’m always looking for ways to cut my expenses. My online banking app gives me a full snapshot of transaction details with an easy-to-read pie chart of the categories where I spend my money. I was not shocked to find out a lot of my money is spent dining out. I’ve been aware that eating out is eating at my pockets but grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do. To curve my spending I’ve challenged myself to actually go to the store and prepare meals at home instead of eating out as much. Bringing my lunch to work and eating out less has saved me on average at least $50 a week! I’m not as consistent as I need to be but I’m doing much better. Whether you’re spending, saving, or a combination of both, I want you to be smart about it.

Tech expert Katie Linendoll has 4 Easy Financial Hacks To Help You Save Money

  • Make your home smarter. Strengthening your financial IQ begins at home. Enhancing your home life with smart products can save you time, energy and money. By switching to a smart thermostat, which can turn on and off when you need to, you’ll save up to $145/year. Nest
  • Cut the cord. The average cable bill per household is around $99 per month, and most people only watch a handful of those channels. A one-time purchase of a media streaming device costs about the same as a single month of cable. Subscribe to your favorites and you can save around $1,000 a year. An annual survey by Leichtman Research Group. Earlier this year my wonderful parents gifted me an Amazon Fire Stick. It made me realize how much TV I don’t watch (besides trashy reality shows). If it weren’t for my bundled package I’d totally ditch my cable service all together.
  • Trade in your old tech for cash. Have some old phones and tablets lying around? They could be worth a couple hundred bucks. Many internet trade-in sites and retail stores will offer gift cards and even free shipping for your old tech through something called “recommerce,” aka reverse commerce. If you can make money off old things lying around, do it. This includes those designer clothes, shoes, and handbags you once thought you couldn’t live without.
  • Take charge of your spending (and saving). Many struggle to come up with emergency expenses which makes having the flexibility to bank more ways all the more critical. Enroll with a bank like Capital One, which offers great digital tools and services – such as Online Bill Pay, Enhanced Transactions, Mobile Check Deposit and Personalized Alerts – which ultimately work harder for you and your bottom line.

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*Thanks Capital One for sponsoring this post. As always opinions are my own. 


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