I Had Cosmetic Surgery (AGAIN)

Yes, you read that right. I had cosmetic surgery again! And in the words of Beyoncé I aint sorry!  I consider myself a beauty aficionado. I love everything related to beauty from high-end products and procedures that promise young, glowing skin to inexpensive drug store finds. I’ve blogged all about my favorite products and even shared my waxing and sugaring experiences here in DC. I try to keep my “pretty on fleek” by staying hairless but let’s be honest, its just flat out time-consuming, annoying, sometimes painful, and not to mention expensive. If you’re like me and ready for a better option it might be time for you to consider laser hair removal.

 Advantages of Getting Rid of Hair with Lasers

Lasers offer extreme accuracy that can remove every single hair in an area because the light they produce is absorbed into the hair follicles. Hair removal devices that use laser light treat a big section of skin quickly. Each laser pulse can treat several hairs. When you wax, shave, or pluck hairs away, they eventually grow back. In fact, it may only take hairs a week or so to grow back. Laser treatments damage or destroy hair follicles. That means that some hairs will never grow back, and others might take weeks to return. In addition to removing unwanted hair, lasers can correct unwanted dark spots and texture changes that are caused by ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal. Vector diagram

Tips for Hair Removal Procedure Preparation

The first thing you should do before you have a laser treatment is to do your research! Remember that a laser hair removal treatment is not as simple as a shopping trip. It is an actual medical treatment, which requires preparation and research. One of the most common mistakes women make is not choosing the best treatment facility based on their skin type. I cannot stress the importance of investing in a place where they service people who look like you. Do your Googles, ask questions, and most importantly make sure that you can verify they are qualified. Don’t be afraid to check credentials and certifications. Take it a step further and look at their previous work. Ask for before and after photos so you can have realistic expectations.

If you’re here in the DMV area and you want to get laser hair removal or any type of cosmetic procedure I highly recommend Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center. Cultura is considered one of the top laser hair removal centers in the country. They offer the most advanced laser technologies and options in the area with various lasers to treat virtually every type of skin and skin anomaly. Dermatologist Dr. Eliot Battle is the co-founder and medical director. He is a nationally recognized leader and expert known for his Harvard laser research. Dr. Battle has been featured on Oprah, CNN, Time magazine, Dr. Oz and Good Morning America for his expertise in skin care for all colors and ethnicities. His staff is beyond amazing. This is my second procedure at Cultura (read all about my first visit here) so I already knew I was in good hands.

Check out this quick video captured during my first treatment session with Michelle German at Cultura

You probably can’t tell in the video but my anxiety levels were on a thousand, trillion anticipating how the lasers would feel. Immediately before we started I felt all warm and my palms were sweaty. Michelle reassured me that I would be just fine. She was extremely patient when I told her I needed a break to breathe. The temporary discomfort I experienced for a few minutes is totally worth it. I was in and out of the office in less than an hour for both underarms. I’ll be going back in 4 weeks for my follow-up treatment. Typically 8 treatments sessions are required every 4-6 weeks but it will depend on how fast and thick my hair grows back. It’s been less than a week since my first session but I can already see immediate results in the texture of my skin. My underarms feel 10x smoother than with waxing or shaving. I’ll be sure to keep my faithful beauty junkies updated on my progress over the next few months but I am beyond excited that I am well on my way to hairless happiness.

Go ahead and treat yo self! Book your appointment at Cultura now. Tell them I sent you plus receive 25% off all laser treatments until the end of the month.



  1. 09/28/2016 / 2:39 PM

    Is that considered surgery? Either way, ive been wondering where to go for darker skin tones in the DMV. Thanks for the review and visual.

    • Nicole
      09/28/2016 / 6:17 PM

      Technically no. (LOL!) Definitely schedule a consultation with Cultura. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for reading!

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