Everything You Need To Know About The NMAAHC & How To Get Tickets

A ticket to the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture is the hottest thing going in these DC streets! Social media has been buzzing about the grand opening for months now. I posted a save the date for the museum opening on my Facebook page as soon as I heard about it.  This week the museum hosted a press preview and it looks so amazing! I know there are plenty of people in my shoes who can’t wait to visit so here is everything you need to know about the museum opening plus how to get tickets.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) opens Saturday, September 24th.  During the opening ceremony President Obama is expected to cut the ribbon. How freakin epic is that?! The museum opens with 5 floors of exhibits, over 3,000 objects, along with 13 interactive exhibits and 200 video features that covers over 600 years of Black history. Visitors are encouraged to start in the underground basement and work their way up.

national museum of aa history exhibit

photo cred Evy Mages

The 2 underground floors of exhibit space cover the beginnings of slavery and the journey to America plus pieces of a recovered slave ship. Quick insider tip: bring your tissues. From reading several first hand accounts via social media, many visitors stated its emotionally overwhelming.

national museum of aa history exhibit

Photo cred Evy Mages

The Civil Rights era exhibit hosts an interactive table with stools from the lunch counter at the Woolworth store in Greensboro, North Carolina, the site of many sit-in protests against racial segregation.

national museum of aa history president obama exhibit

photo cred Evy Mages

The exhibit with artifacts and videos from President Obama‘s first election and time in office is being named one of the “must-sees” during your first visit.

photo cred Evy Mages

photo cred Evy Mages

The top 3 floors are dedicated to the Black contributions to American culture. Including education, business, sports, music, and even fashion.


photo cred Evy Mages

Cleary this is not a one day museum visit. It’s said that it will take a few visits to get through the entire museum. If you’re on Instagram, explore hundreds of photos from the preview event by searching the hashtag #APeoplesJourney

When Does The Museum Open

The museum will open to the public on Saturday, September 24 at 1pm following the opening ceremony.

How To Get Tickets

Same-day passes will be available starting Monday, September 26th but advance passes are still recommended. Free passes for November and December are now available. Click HERE to reserve your spot. You can reserve up to 6 spots per reservation. Alternatively, you can try your luck by just showing up. During the dedication weekend they are offering extended public hours:

Saturday, September 24th 1–8 pm

Sunday, September 25th 7am–midnight

Monday, September 26– Friday, September 30th, 10am–7:30 pm

Saturday, October 1st, 10 am–midnight and Sunday, October 2nd, 10am–10pm

The National Museum of African American Culture and History is located at 1400 Constitution Ave. NW. For more information visit the website nmaahc.si.edu


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