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Last night the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts  kicked off its first District of Comedy Festival. Comedy at the Kennedy Center builds on the Center’s dedication to advancing comedy as an essential art form. To celebrate Capital One hosted a private show with comedian Joel McHale, one of the most sought after comedians and actors in the industry.

Jf Harris and Joel McHale District of Comedy Festival

The laugh out loud funny, up and coming stand up comic JF Harris opened the show. I guess I’m a few steps ahead of the rest of the world. The Chicago Tribune recently named him one of the “comics to see before they are famous” and I totally see why. He was hilarious! Mix inappropriate mature in content, with relevant punch lines and you are guaranteed to get a few laughs out of me. Especially when you keep it as real as he did when the lights went out. He handled it like and pro and didn’t lose the audience.

District of Comedy Joel McHale

Headliner Joel McHale, most known for his long time gig with The Soup on E! stepped on stage and the laughs continued  over the next hour.  He touched on everything from the world’s worst places he’s visited and silly parenting stories, to Kaitlin Jenner and the Kardashians drama. Maybe because this is DC it was too obvious and/or too touchy to talk politics but I wished one of them told a super offensive Donald Trump joke.  With all the tragedy going on in the world any opportunity to laugh and have a good time is alright with me! Special thank you to Capital One for the invite!

District of Comedy Festival

With monthly comedy nights, all of which are free and open to the general public, Comedy at the Kennedy Center makes the art form accessible and joins well-known names in the comedy circuit and rising stars.

Visit the Kennedy Center’s event calendar to view the full line up and buy tickets for upcoming shows.


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