Haute CTRL

Blogging isn’t the same anymore. We have social media apps like Instagram and Snap Chat to thank for that. I love the gram’ just like the next person but my deep down my heart still beats for dope fashion and lifestyle blogs. For the first time in months I just added a new blog called Haute CTRL to my reading list.

Haute Ctrl Zerina Akers blog

Haute CTRL is a blog by Zerina Akers. If you aren’t familiar with “Z ” she’s one of the personal wardrobe stylists behind my all time favorite celebrity Beyonce. I’ve been following her on Instagram for the last 2 years and I love her work. She’s known for a good high-low designer mix and the most coveted look from Beyonce’s Formation video.

Beyonce stylist Zerina Akers


The stylist recently launched her new style and beauty blog which promises to be full of her favorite things, young new talent, and even fashion how-to’s. On my first scroll through I automatically knew I’d be a returning visitor.

Chloe Bags Beyonce stylist Zerina Akers

Do yourself a favor and check out Zerina Akers blog.


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