Karen Civil Meet & Greet

Social media is powerful! Years ago I stumbled across entertainment blogger Karen Civil. Immediately I admired this young, dynamic entrepreneur. She inspired me to start a blessings jar back in 2014. I’ve been following her career and I am amazed at the things she’s accomplished mostly through social media, blogging, and brand partnerships.  She’s worked with your favorite celebrities, visited the White House (on several occasions), and most recently added author and now Hillary Clinton Rally host to her growing list of accomplishments.

Last year she released her first book Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose. I was beyond excited to get my hands on a copy. The book is advertised as a self-help book that incorporates Karen’s personal journey through life, how she unlocked her purpose and how you can gain mental strength through self-motivation and a positive attitude.

Karen Civil Book Signing in DC

Once my book arrived I posted up at Tryst on a Saturday afternoon to read the book. The thin paper back book was such a quick read that left me slightly highly disappointed. She glossed over her humble beginnings as a radio intern and shared very little details about her battle with depression and suicide. I expected so much more. I’ve gathered and speculated more from her interviews and social media than her book. I’m not the only one to voice their dissatisfaction with the book. In an interview with the Tax Season podcast she explained that her original 9 chapter book deal with Simeon and Schuster was delayed. Instead of waiting to release her project, she published 4 chapters independently to celebrate her birthday. Honestly, I would have preferred her to put out the full book but hey you can’t knock this girls hustle! I’ll be anticipating the release for the remaining chapters.

In the meantime, this Friday, April 22nd Karen will be in DC hosting a meet and greet and book signing at the newly opened Museum Shop.

Karen Civil Book Signing in DC


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