I Had Cosmetic Surgery

I had cosmetic surgery on my face! I know what you’re thinking and trust me it’s not like that. If you’ve been reading The Seventh District you know I am a recovering product junkie that is obsessed with skincare. As much as I talk about flawless skin, facials and my latest must have beauty product of the moment, there’s one issue that I’ve avoided blogging about. My moles aka “beauty marks” have never been a topic of conversation until now.

Moles are quite common and they run in my family on both sides (thanks Mom and Dad). I’d say around 25 is when I really started to notice them. Moles were popping up everywhere. When I say EVERYWHERE I mean it. (I will spare you those details) Most are flat, like the one on my nose and resemble freckles. However the ones on my face started to protrude. To the point where it made me self-conscious. I tried scrubbing them off, covering them up with makeup, I even prayed for them to go away. Nothing was working. I knew I needed to take drastic measures to remove them all together.

This is where my “Aesthetic Artist” comes into play. These are two words you may hear often but separately. Michelle German has united the two to describe her infinite love and passion, now turned career. Her creative art form is beauty and working at Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center allows her freedom to combine her physician assistant education with her natural eye for aesthetics.

Under the tutelage of world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Eliot Battle, German and the Cultura team provide expert skin care and aesthetics for all cultures.  Their specialties include complexion blending, hair removal, texture and scar rejuvenation, as well as anti aging treatments such as Botox, Dysport  Juvederm, Restalyne and other fillers.


consultation with Dr. Battle

 I visited Cultura back in January and had a consultation with Dr. Battle to discuss achieving a more even skin tone by removing my moles. Him and Michelle reassured me that my moles were harmless and could be removed easily without any recovery or marks. I was sold and ready for my laser mole removal treatment.

Cultura Medical Spa DC

VISIA Complexion Analysis

First my skin was analyzed by a VISIA Complexion System. This computerized imaging system provided me with quantitative values for superficial concerns such as wrinkles, pores, sun damage, evenness of texture and even bacterial count (ewww).

VISIA facial assessment report

I’m letting y’all all in my business by sharing my results. The percentile scores depict how your skin ranks relative to others of the same age, gender and skin type. Higher scores are better. After my skin analysis it was time for the actual procedure to start. cosmetic surgery numbing

I was put in a treatment room and a clear ointment was applied all over my face to numb it.  Before I knew it, my face felt tingly and it was time to start.  My anxiety level was through the roof! Michelle came in wearing some sort of head-piece that made me feel like I was about to have brain surgery.  AGGGGHHHH!! Was I going to go through with this?! Yup, it was time.

cultura cosmetic surgery before

during the numbing process

cultura cosmetic surgery laser mole removal washington dc

during the numbing process

 With a sharp apparatus in hand, I closed my eyes and heard a long beep.  “Did you feel that?”, she asked, and with a sigh of relief, my reply was no. She repeated this on each one of my moles. I would randomly feel a small burning sensation but the pain was minimal. In 30 minutes the procedure was over. After care instructions were given and she told me my moles would fall off within a week.  For the next couple of days I was obsessing over my skin. I stayed in the mirror.

cosmetic mole removal

2 days after the procedure

Cultura Cosmetic Surgery

after follow-up appointment


close up after

 I’m thrilled with the results following my procedure and excited about my next appointments. Yes I’m going back for more cosmetic surgery! I’m not telling what procedure is next on the menu but here’s a clue: hair bumps, hell no. LOL! Now thru June, Cultura will be running a 20% off special for all laser hair removal. I promise you will not be disappointed. What are you are you waiting for?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Battle at Cultura and see DC’s own aesthetic artist, Michelle German by calling 202-237-9292. Tell them I sent you for a special discounted rate.



  1. Miya
    04/13/2016 / 1:13 PM

    They did an awesome job!! I hope you kept the one on your nose lol. It’s cute

    • Nicole
      04/13/2016 / 10:30 PM

      Thank you! Yes the one on my nose is still there

  2. Ashley
    04/13/2016 / 2:42 PM

    I never even thought about having moles removed! Very nice!

    • Nicole
      04/13/2016 / 10:34 PM

      Thank you! The procedure was so quick and easy. I highly recommend it to anyone with unwanted moles

  3. Danielle McNutt
    04/14/2016 / 12:55 AM

    I Love your blogs Nay Nay!!! LOL…This one took the cake I have those moles as well on my face! You have great topics keep up the good work.

    • Nicole
      04/14/2016 / 11:48 AM

      LOL!Thanks Danielle! I appreciate you reading!

  4. 04/27/2016 / 2:20 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience at Cultura! It’s a pleasure for our team to help you achieve beautiful results!

  5. H
    08/21/2017 / 4:18 PM

    Love your blog! This was FABULOUS and informative post. Mike removal at Cultura is now in my list…

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