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Five years ago I penned a blog post titled Fakes Are Never In Fashion all about knock off designer handbags made by luxury retail brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. In the article I highlighted some interested stats on how counterfeit goods impact our economy. At the time of publishing (2011 to be exact) I had no idea it would become one of the most clicked blog posts to date. So many people were interested in how you can tell if a designer bag was real or fake. Go back and look at the pics if you truly want to see the differences. The pictures will surprise you. Since then I’ve rejected the “fake it till you make it” mentality when it comes to designer and luxury pieces. There are just too many quality brands in the market place for fashionistas to rock a fake designer bag just to stunt on the next person. Most will agree that if you can’t afford the real thing just stay in your lane until you can. All of that seemed to change last Spring when Amber Rose was spotted leaving LAX carrying a fake designer Hermes bag by fashion stylist and blogger Sonique Saturday.

Amber Rose Fake Like This Birkin

The inspiration behind these fake designer bags started when Sonique wanted a Hermes bag but couldn’t get with the outrageous price point.

 “Yeah, well I wanted one so bad but couldn’t afford it. But you know that was basically how it went with everyone who loves the bag. Dude! The majority of the people who loved the bag can’t afford the bag. So I decided to write it on my bag! Can’t afford a Hermes bag! Then I started making them for my friends, and it kind of all started from there.”

After Amber rocked the bag it catapulted Sonique’s brand and fans flocked to her custom fake designer bags. During a summer concert she met Erykah Badu  backstage and she immediately became a fan. Ms. Badu’s bag caught my attention and led me to join the other 20,000 admirers that follow Sonique on Instagram.

Erykah Badu Fake Like This Birkin Bag

 Earlier this week while scrolling and minding my own business on Insta I noticed a little drama. Sonique’s loyal followers were accusing luxury fashion house Gucci for copying stealing her design ideas. During their Fall/Winter 2016 Runway fashion show Gucci introduced their leather shopper customized by #GucciGhost @troubleandrew.

Gucci Real Shopper tote FW 2016 customized by GucciGHost

Immediately people on social media pointed out the similarities between the two designs. I opted not to weigh in nor offer my opinion because I can remember seeing similar style fake bags like this yearsssss ago! Not discrediting Sonique and her creativity but we’d all be naive to think that in fashion anything is 100% original. Fans and followers were calling for Gucci to acknowledge they stole the design from the small business owner. Gucci has yet to make a statement but I’m intrigued to find out how this fashion story plays out.

In the meantime you can shop Sonique’s fake designer bags HERE and check out the original Gucci leather tote and decide for yourself if Gucci indeed jocked her style.

Gucci XL Leather Tote Black

Gucci XL tote

Gucci XL Tote cop yours HERE


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