The Nail Files: I got Spif’ed by Spifster

Before the days of Insta-fame Tumblr pages were the wave and Spifster was one to follow. Especially if you adored nail art. Fast forward a few years and Chicago based nail artist Taccara “Spifster” Sutton is still killing the nail game. Now she travels all across the country to deliver some of the dopest nail art designs. Her work is literally ART! Her creativity and attention to detail is amazing! When she announced she was coming to DC I made it my business to get in her chair for one her signature abstract designs. I told her the color scheme and let her do her thing and this was the result.

spifster nails

I always love my nail art but this “Spifster manicure” is in my top 5! Word on the street is Spifster is coming back to DC later this month! Click here to get more details on how you can get your nails “spif’ed”.

Watch this clip of Spifster from the NailGasm Nail Art Documentary.

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