#NoteToSelf: Protect Your Heart

With every new year people vow to make a change. This year instead of a resolution to change I wanted to choose a phrase or action word to carry me through the entire year. A week into the new year I felt like the universe God gave me a divine message. As I was leaving the Melody Ehsani boutique in LA I squealed when I looked down and noticed the sign.

Protect Yo Heart

spotted in LA 12.30.2015

I’d previously noticed these stencils and images posted all over social media but I hadn’t come across any myself.  When I got back to DC I stumbled across the sign yet again.

Protect Yo Heart in DC

2nd spotting in DC 1.8.2016

The second sighting in Columbia Heights coupled with a conversation with a close friend solidified it for me. In 2016 I must PROTECT MY HEART. Of course I did a little research to see what this movement was all about. Protect Yo HeART is a quote created by UncuttART in 2007. The purpose of the quote wasn’t clear at first but it felt powerful enough that he wanted to share with the world. The New York based artist went on to paint a ton of the #ProtectYoHeart stencils in certain spots in the city as a reminder to always protect your heart.

The signs are everywhere. It’s just up to you to pay attention. Protect Yo Heart!


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