Dubai Photo Diary: Desert Safari

A desert safari is a must for anyone visiting United Arab Emirates (UAE). The amazing 6 hour desert safari tour was life changing!  The half-hour trip into the desert was literally a roller coaster. Dune bashing is not for the weak at heart. For me it  was “fun” for all of 5 seconds. I thought I was going to throw up my lunch! We finally stopped and I was able to sink my toes into the sand and absorb the beauty around me. It was a surreal feeling. At one point I looked up to the sky and just stood there while the sun was blazing on my face. All I could say was thank you God! In that moment it hit me that this was a trip of a lifetime and I embraced it as such. This was my time to check some things off my bucket list. I was terrified but I couldn’t leave the desert without at least trying to sand board and ride a camel. Afterwards we headed to a traditional Bedouin camp for an open air BBQ dinner, belly dancing, and entertainment. My day is the desert was one of the most breathtaking and exciting moments of my life. My heart is still so full from the experience.

Oasis Palm Desert tour Duabi

Duabi UAE Desert Safari




riding camels in Dubai



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