The Nail Files: Remove Shellac in 8 Minutes!

I love a good Shellac manicure just like the next chick but they can be such a pain to remove. Not to mention they can cause potential damage to your natural nails if the polish isn’t removed correctly. Brittle, thin nails aren’t ever fashionable which is why many women (self included) shy away from long wear manicures over an extended period of time. Well my nail polish fienes CND has the answer for those who love shellac manicures AND healthy natural nails. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the brand new CND Offly Fast 8 Minute Removal & Care Kit. 

CND Offly Fast 8 Minute Removal and Care Kit

The kit includes everything you need to remove your CND Shellac polish: CND foil remover wraps (10 pack), Offly Fast Replenishing Remover, Solar Oil Cuticle Oil Mini, and a manicure stick.

How To Use
  1. Saturate the cotton pad on foil wrap with Offly Fast Replinishing Remover
  2. Wrap Foil around finger. Once in place squeeze the top center of the foil together to secure.
  3. Leave the wrap on for 8 minutes. ( I waited a little longer like 15 minutes)
  4.  Twist and pull the wrap from the nail and scrape any remaining product with the manicure stick

CND Foil Remover Wraps

I have to admit I was overly impressed with the super quick and easy removal process. This kit makes the process cleaner, safer, and so much quicker than soaking off using acetone. This at home D-I-Y kit saves time and money. After my polish was removed I headed over to my girlfriends house for a mani session mixed with food, wine, and ratchet reality TV.

Here’s the finished product! I am absolutely in lust with this Grand Gala color from the Gilded Dreams Collection!

CND Grand Gala Vinylux

The CND Offly Fast 8 Minute Removal & Care kit ($13.90) will be available worldwide at select nail salons January 2015. Visit the salon locator on to find out where to buy near you!


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