#NoteToSelf: Protect Your Magic

It was a perfect Friday night  in Atlanta surrounded by friends I hadn’t seen in months. On our way to dinner I so happened to glance down and screamed OMGee! What I saw literally stopped me in my tracks. I immediately pulled out my iPhone to snap a pic. Of course I had to do it for tha’ gram. It’s been weeks and the phrase Protect Your Magic is stuck in my head.

Protect Your Magic

I’d heard internet buzz about the movement but didn’t give it much thought considering I’ve yet to see any signs here in DC. In case you aren’t familiar,  Fadia Kader (stylist/creative director/marketer/producer) is the brains behind the brand. {Totally random sidebar: back in 2007 my friends and I used to always go to her broke n’ boujee parties at the Royal and had sooo much fun!} Anyway, PYM started from something that was extremely personal for her career and personal life. She shared that her magic is her loyalty and her foresight. She questioned: at what point do you keep a little bit of that for yourself? How do you not just give it all and have it taken advantage of? From there she started writing it all over the place and talking about it. PYM has taken on a life of its own with tags showing up in Europe, India, and across the US. Ever since my personal encounter in Atlanta I’ve been contemplating: What is my magic? and How do I protect it? I’m not ready to share my answer just yet (I’m still in the protective stage) but that simple phrase gives me much to think about in terms of my life purpose. We all have a magic about us. A magic that we should project but protect at the same time.

What’s your magic? How do you protect it?


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