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Since DC has been deemed the Coolest City in America for 2014 I thought this was the perfect opportunity for some of DC’s coolest to weigh in and provide insight about life in DC. This week the spotlight is on Michael Kirby, Jr. An entirely self-taught, freelance photographer that’s obsessed with creating peculiar images from everyday life.  Check out what he had to say about living in DC.

DMV photographers MOK Imagery

What do you love about DC? 

I love that as a native Washingtonian, I grew up in the era of authentic Go-Go music which many people fail to appreciate.  It’s totally underground and though I feared for my life, I was driven to attend show after show and still do when I get that itch.  I also love the rapidly growing rate of diversity that’s been instilled into our city!  The culture is evolving and while some native Washingtonian’s feel left behind, I am doing a two-step alongside the currents of evolution.

What do you absolutely hate about DC? 

I absolutely hate the misleading and obnoxiously confusing parking signs that are born daily in DC.  I’ve become the “Ticketmaster” as a result.

Little known DC fact

The vast majority of recording artists never get their “proper due” and their careers are short-lived.

Favorite spot in DC

Sax, Farmers Fishers Bakers, Black Salt, Oya’s, Opera (on certain nights) and B Too.

How Cool Is DC?

In my opinion, DC is an overall great place to reside.  There are new venues popping up daily and there are always things to do on any given night, if you are in the know.  The job market is favorable despite the economy and there are many precious jewels set to arise in the near future.

Keep up with Mike in DC on Instagram and check him out over at MOK Imagery


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