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Earlier this month Forbes named DC the “Coolest City in America“. Some DC residents totally disagreed which resulted in a number of response articles floating around the net including a video that went viral. Given the mixed reactions I thought this was the perfect opportunity to tap into my network of influencers to weigh in for a mini-series to provide insight about living in DC. Up first in this new weekly series is life curator, event producer, and bon vivant Quincy.


What do you love about DC?  

I love that I was here before DC was “cool”. No one can take away my memories of dancing the night away at Tracks Nightclub circa 1995 (pre Nats stadium SE)! We went for the amazing crowd and stellar music. Yes, we were afraid of being shanked at the end of the night while walking to our cars, but the experience was well worth it! 

What do you absolutely hate about DC?  

I hate that rent prices are so high now! I guess it comes with the territory of gentrification…

Little known DC fact 

DC is a city of tight cliques (social, business, etc). Once you find the clique that’s right for you, you’ll make it. If you don’t, eek! 

Favorite spot in DC 

I can’t share my absolute favorite spot in DC, but I will share one of my faves–Highland’s Cafe! Some of the best greasy spoon food I’ve ever had, and they have vegan options. 

How Cool Is DC?

DC is in fact a pretty cool city. I’m not sure about its ranking of number 1, but… As far as growth and an influx of new businesses, DC is most definitely one of the leading cities. We’re fortunate that the government is here, and we didn’t see the worst of the recession, so I’m sure that had much to do with it. I’m uber excited to see how things unfold. Every time I turn around, there’s a new spot (restaurant, condo building, boutique) opening. I’m proud to call myself a Washingtonian, and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon–get used to me! 

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