Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Skincare Routine

Any time Jada Pinkett-Smith walks the red carpet or makes a TV appearance you can’t help but ask yourself: does this woman age?! Her skin is flawless and her body is impeccable! She is giving the girls in their 20s a run for their money. Earlier today she shared one of her skincare beauty secrets and I was all over it.


She spilled the details about one of the products that changed her skin by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

DrBarbaraSturmHyaluronicAcidAmpoulesJadaPinkettSmithJada’s Skincare Routine

  • Steam your face, covering your head with a towel over a pot of hot water

  • Use a drop of this ampule (you can get 3-4 uses from one ampule) and done!

Jada confesses that your face will radiate like you just got off a 2 week spa vacation and the product is a skin game changer. Of course it doesn’t take much to convince me. I immediately headed over to Net-a-Porter‘s Beauty Section to do some research.


Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in our skin. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s powerful anti-aging treatment contains a 7 day supply of the active concentrate. It’s also formulated with regenerative Purslane, which moisturizes the deepest layers of the dermis to reinforce cell tissue and the skin’s barrier function. The product claims that when used intensively over a one-to-three week period, it will diminish fine lines, boost elasticity and make your complexion appear firmer. Free from fragrance, parabens and mineral oils. Can be used to calm stressed skin after sun exposure.

Dr. Sturm’s products are a bit pricy but could be worth the investment. For flawless skin like Jada’s grab yours here.


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