7 Things I Learned from Beyonce

Everyone knows that Beyoncé can rarely do anything wrong in my book. Anything she does is automatically headline news worthy. Who can blame the media? She’s lived a very public life but she’s still somewhat of a mystery. In the midst of The Mrs. Carter World Tour she manages to balance work-family life pretty well and blogs while doing it. I put that in italics because I find it hard to believe she’s the one posting but hey I could be wrong. Tumblr is the best and easiest blogging platform. Within minutes of posting her blog garners thousands of reblogs and reposts. As a fan and a follower here are

7 Things I learned from Beyoncé

1. Always set your limit to what you will keep just for yourself and stick to it. Don’t allow people to dictate when and what you do.

2. Be willing and open to share pieces of your life and what inspires you.

3. Always take pictures. Capture priceless moments through photography with family and loved ones.

4. It is possible to have it all! You can be extremely successful, dedicated  to your career, have a husband, AND have a family.

5. Travel often. Explore and embrace the culture of that place. Visit the historic landmarks, eat the traditional foods, and interact with the people.

6. Remain fashion forward at all times. Your style should appear effortless. You should never look like you’re trying too hard or that your appearance is forced.

7. Take risks and be fearless. 

 pics via I Am Beyonce


  1. 12/10/2013 / 9:42 AM

    I really enjoyed this post & think you did a great job picking out the lessons. I’m so glad that you included #4 because a lot of people these days don’t think that it can be done, but it can 🙂

    • Nicole
      12/11/2013 / 11:50 AM

      Thanks for reading! Number 4 is one that alot of women are striving for…myself included

  2. Ashley
    12/11/2013 / 4:26 PM

    I LOVE this!!!! Thanks for sharing!
    -A. Huggs

  3. Idreaminchanel
    12/24/2013 / 10:02 AM

    Girl yes!

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