Politically Correct: Obamacare(s)

It’s practically impossible to live in D.C and not get involved in politics. Most of DC’s urban professionals are politically active including those in my circle. A friend of mine created a line of graphic tees properly called obamacare(s) with a positive message and sign of support for our President Barack Obama during the upcoming election.

From the creator of Obamacare(s):

Given the toxic nature political campaigns can take on, I wanted to create a simple message of┬ápositiveness and a sign of support for our President. Through a play on a well known health care slogan I found this creative expression. I truly believe President Barack Obama has our country’s best interest at heart and he will continue to fight for progress and manifest the HOPE his platform stood on almost 4 years ago. Obamacare(s) was born out of these sentiments and I hope its message serves as a catalyst for rejuvenated support and contribution to making our nation the best it can be. – Brandon Hodges

Check out Obama Cares Shop on Etsy.



  1. 09/18/2012 / 9:37 AM

    Love this! The President truly does care about the well-being of the American people and that was made very clear at his speech at the DNC. Four more years!!!

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