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Being a blogger has been incredibly rewarding. Blogging has allowed me to meet and connect with like-minded fashion and style obsessed individuals. On the flip side some of my favorite blogging friends can be such enablers! Channing of Channing In The City  recently posed a style question and asked if her readers would try a trend and rock hardwear inspired jewelry . Since I love accessories I promptly answered: YES! I would definitely try the trend. She posted a link to a unique pair of handcuff bracelets and once I saw them I didn’t think twice about making the purchase. Immediately after I double clicked I had to tweet Channing and thank her for being such an enabler! LOL! I was so excited when I came home yesterday to a black package at my doorstep! Instead of savagely ripping the package open I grabbed my camera to take a few shots.

JewelMint.Com Houdini Bracelets

Clearly I couldn’t wait until I wore them to share them with you all. The bracelets are very masculine but the diamond rhinestones add a feminine touch. They will be perfect for layering with my other bangles but also unique enough to wear alone.

JewelMint.Com Houdini Bracelets

Jewel Mint Houdint Bracelets

Are you a member of Jewel Mint? If not click here to join.

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6 thoughts on “Cuff Me

  1. Aww thanks! And yes the mint colored jewel box is perfect for displaying your jewelry on a dresser or vanity. I’m definitely keeping my box :)

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