La Petite Marmoset Showroom Launch Party

LaPetite Marmoset Showroom

Thursday night I went to check out La Petite Marmoset’s new showroom in Columbia Heights. Once I got there I decided to do something that I never do…I didn’t pull out the Nikon! Instead of trying to capture the perfect candids I just embraced being there. I browsed the two-level, loft style showroom, stuffed my face, and caught up with some of my DC blogging friends. I did take a few pics on my phone that I posted on Instagram.LPM Ashley and Katherine

Ashley & Katherine of LPM

Before I arrived Tamika tweeted me and said she was reppin the ImREDy campaign! Had to make sure I snapped her pic! Her natural hair and rep lip was gorgeous!

Tamika of repping ImREDY campaign

pic of Cortnie & myself via The President Wears Prada

Congratulations to Ashley and Katherine on your beautiful new showroom! Thank you for opening up your creative space. Check out their redesigned vintage pieces online.

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