The Quazi’ Perspective

I cannot express how much I love black and white photos! I was drawn to these images captured by photographer J. Quazi King from Brooklyn, New York.

I went on to read the rest of his interview and was pleased to find we had something in common…He’s also Team Nikon! He only uses one camera (Nikon D300s) and one lens (Nikon 17-55mm)  for all of his shoots unless specifically asked by the client. His response as to why he prefers Nikon made me immediately stop worrying about getting a better lens to improve my photography. He said:

To be honest I don’t buy too much into the major brands competition and I can care less about the new/fancy features coming out and all of that. I just need something good enough and reliable because at the end of the day it’s really not about that camera, it’s what can be done with it.

I spent quiet some time viewing his photo archives. He’s also on Facebook. His work is definitely worth checking out.


  • Thank you for sharing these images! I too love black and white photos. They’re so timeless.
    Modern imagery can be so loud- I like the “quiet” of a black and white photo amongst the chaos 🙂

  • Reply May 22, 2012

    Jen (commecoco)

    I love black and white images! Yes I have been learning more and more about cameras etc and really its all about the photographer and less about the camera lol. I recently saw a whole photoshoot done on an iphone and a 7 meg little snap and shoot and it looked AWESOME!

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