#NoteToSelf: Know Your Worth

This morning while catching up on the latest from God, Men & Money, I was directed to an amazing, must read article over at Self MagazineKnow Your Worth & Get More of What You Deserve. The article highlights understanding how valuable you are  and what you value.

Here are 7 personal reminders for me to know my worth and get more of what I deserve.

  1. Tap into my own power. Being powerful has its benefits. The more power you have, the more money you’re likely to earn. The more money you earn, the greater your ability to steer your own life. “Money is inherently tied to self-determination”
  2. Thinking bigger means taking bigger risks. I must get comfortable with taking risks and competing.
  3.  I have to be willing to go after the thing that scares me the most. The first step is to change my thinking and acknowledge I have great aspirations that sometimes scare me.
  4. To get what I want I must go through the “process”. (Seed-Time-Harvest)
  5. Become more strategic by seeking out opportunities and forcing myself to network with the type of people I secretly aspire to be.
  6. Forget about being humble. I have to form a strong vision of who I am. I must be able to speak intelligently about what I can offer in terms of experience, creativity, and competence.
  7. Set a specific goal and remain focused on my game plan to meet my financial goals.

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  1. 03/29/2012 / 7:29 PM

    Instagramed that jpeg last week..so true.. Great article


  2. barthalomeu
    04/10/2012 / 1:58 PM

    Powerful post! I feel that #4 is a tough pill to swallow at times. Most people want what they want when they want it and forget about the growing process. Looking at the maturation of a plant and viewing our lives/walk that way could put help us appreciate the process!

  3. 04/24/2012 / 1:11 PM

    Interesting post. I am in 100% total agreement! I am on a quest for better self development myself and this rings so true. Thanks for the post.

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