Live in Neon

Yesterday was the official launch of Neon V Mag otherwise known as #VDay! When I first heard about the magazine while shooting the #ImREDy campaign video I knew to expect greatness! I am so excited for the ladies behind Neon V on their new creative pursuit!

neon V is a biannual magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman. assuming an uncanny perspective, the magazine offers women a compelling storyline of traditional and innovative content by exposing the cultural and sub cultural continuum’s in fashion, art, beauty and travel.

With a simple philosophy to live in neon, I assure you will be inspired by a collective group of 5 creative women with incredible style and amazing personalities.

Check out their short film shot by Marshall of The President Wears Prada.

Make sure you check out the Neon V Mag blog and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

photos by jamon johnson
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