#ImREDy: 7 Holiday Reds To Try

All month I’ve been talking about #ImREDy! A fun social media experiment encouraging women to rock a bold red lipstick that makes them feel the most feminine. This small campaign has turned into a full-blown women’s empowerment initiative! The response has been overwhelming positive! Last week I posted the video and even more women have agreed to participate! For those who are still unsure about red lipstick I’ve asked DC makeup artist Michelle German aka Chic Makeup Geek to share her makeup tips with The Seventh District readers just in time for Christmas and New Years Eve!

“If you don’t wear lipstick, I can’t talk to you”

The infamous words of Isabella Blow. And while I am not that intense, I do believe a nice red lip can change your entire mood! In beauty, red lipstick is equivalent to fashion’s little black dress. Every woman must have at least one! Red lips have always represented glamour, sexiness, and confidence. Whether it’s a depressing day or melancholy mood, red lipstick can bring vivacity to room.  Many women struggle with wearing red lipstick and the right shade of red can be hard to find.  All reds were not created equal so with that being said, lets talk makeup! As a makeup artist, I believe that makeup is art, and art has no rules. However, almost any information that you research regarding red lipstick will suggest finding your undertone.

What is an undertone? Think of it as being the temperature of colors. Cool, warm and neutral are the terms used to describe undertones and there are many different ways to analyze your undertone.

How To Find Your Undertone

Vein Test – Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If you see blue, you have cool undertones, if they look green then you are a warm undertone.

Jewelry Test – This test is simple. What types of jewelry do you like best against your skin? If gold, you are probably a warm person.  If silver jewelry suits you better, you would be considered cool. If you like both, then it’s a good chance that you have neutral undertones and can wear anything! (Lucky you!)

Don’t really want to deal with undertones and the “makeup rules”  (I don’t blame you) Just look at how bold or bright the lipstick is and try it out! If you have a fair complexion blue based reds will compliment your skin tone. Orange-based lipsticks will be vivid and stand out more.  Darker complexions can handle an orange based red because there is less contrast. Blue-based reds can be equally as nice but will tend to be less vibrant on darker skin.

You have the tools, now step up to the challenge and find your perfect red lipstick for the #ImREDy campaign! Here are 7 red lipsticks for every budget to try over this holiday season.*Although described with color undertones, remember makeup has no real rules!

1. NYX Black Cherry $7.50 – deep dark red 2. Tom Ford Smoke Red $45 – burgundy based red that leaves a cherry stain 3.Revlon Fire & Ice  $6.99 – blue based red 4. Illamsqua Maneater $24 – matte classic red 5. MAC Ruby Woo $14.50 – matte red with coral undertones 6. NARS Heat Wave $24 – semi matte orange based red 7. Chanel Rouge Allure in Brilliant $30 – bright red with slight blue undertone

Tips and Tricks

1. Use a lip liner as red tends to bleed easily

2. You CAN wear eyeshadow with red lipstick; just try to keep it neutral. You want all the attention to be drawn to your lips!

3. Place a finger inside the mouth and slowly pull straight out to help prevent the lipstick from getting on your teeth. (This trick may look a little dirty but it works)

Pick your bold red lipstick and own it!!!

Are you #REDy? *Special thanks to Michelle for all of her makeup advice and tips!



  1. 12/21/2011 / 11:16 AM

    This is Perfect post! I just purchased red lipstick yesterday for the 1st time and I am so excited to wear it. Thanks for the tips love 🙂

    • Tahsa
      10/28/2014 / 3:22 PM

      Asian girl on Youtube gave these tips !

  2. Lisa Cole
    12/21/2011 / 1:01 PM

    Just bought a red gloss because of the movement!

  3. 12/21/2011 / 10:38 PM

    Great post ,full of so many great tips.

  4. Nicole
    12/23/2011 / 9:57 PM

    Glad you ladies like the tips! Michelle is awesome!

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