Céline Craze

Every season there’s a must have luxury bag. Spotted on a countless number of style blogs, Tumblr, and major fashion magazines’ editors pick list, I think it’s safe to say the Céline Luggage Tote earned the title of: The Luxury “IT” bag of 2011.

The Céline luggage tote comes in different sizes: the Nano, the Mini, the Medium Shopper, and the Micro Shopper, in colors ranging from Black to bright fluorescent Yellow, Pink Fuschia, or Blue Cobalt. The luggage tote is made of the finest luxury pony hair, python, or shearling materials.

This bag is a little too rich for my blood (right now) but its still pretty to look at! If you can shell out the stacks for this highly coveted bag more power to you! The Céline luggage Tote definitely gets my nod as a classic!

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