Nicci Who?

Last week my Twitter timeline was full of reality show fans inquiring about the color block dress Shaunie O’Neal wore on the Basketball Wives Reunion show. After a little research I discovered the dress was made by designer Nicci Hou and fellow A&M alum. (go bulldogs!)

Designer Nicci Hou explains her inspiration behind the dress she designed for Shaunie. Celebrity stylist Mr. Bradshaw contacted Houston after seeing her previous collections, and thought her style would be perfect for Shaunie. Given only the request that the dress be knee-length, Nicole’s imagination ran wild with ideas!

The Nicci Hou collection is inspired by High Fashion photography. Her designs are edgy, glamorous, sophisticated, classy, and made for the elite woman.

Dresses I like from The Nicci Hou Collection:

Check out the runway show from The Fall 2011 Bad Romance Collection.

Fashionistas be sure to check out The Nicci Hou Collection

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